The following is a list of known attacks which you should be aware of, and defend against when writing smart contracts.

Category Description
Reentrancy Intra- and inter-function reentrancy attacks and potentially faulty solutions to them.
Oracle Manipulation Manipulation of external data providers and potential solutions to oracle security issues.
Frontrunning A definition and taxonomy around frontrunning and related attacks.
Timestamp Dependence Attacks relating to the timing of a transaction.
Insecure Arithmetic Integer overflows and underflows.
Denial of Service Denial of service attacks through unexpected reverts and the block gas limit.
Griefing Attacks relating to bad faith players around a smart contract system.
Force Feeding Forcing Ether to be sent to smart contracts to manipulate balance checks.
Deprecated/Historical Attacks that are part of Ethereum's history and vulnerabilities that have been fixes on a (Solidity) compiler level.
More Where to find more information about vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
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