Locking Pragmas

Contracts should be deployed with the same compiler version and flags that they have been tested the most with. Locking the pragma helps ensure that contracts do not accidentally get deployed using, for example, the latest compiler which may have higher risks of undiscovered bugs. Contracts may also be deployed by others and the pragma indicates the compiler version intended by the original authors.

// bad
pragma solidity ^0.4.4;

// good
pragma solidity 0.4.4;

Note: a floating pragma version (ie. ^0.4.25) will compile fine with 0.4.26-nightly.2018.9.25, however nightly builds should never be used to compile code for production.


Pragma statements can be allowed to float when a contract is intended for consumption by other developers, as in the case with contracts in a library or EthPM package. Otherwise, the developer would need to manually update the pragma in order to compile locally.

See SWC-103

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