• Solidity Visual Auditor - This extension contributes security centric syntax and semantic highlighting, a detailed class outline and advanced Solidity code insights to Visual Studio Code
  • SÅ«rya - Utility tool for smart contract systems, offering a number of visual outputs and information about the contracts' structure. Also supports querying the function call graph.
  • Solgraph - Generates a DOT graph that visualizes function control flow of a Solidity contract and highlights potential security vulnerabilities.
  • EVM Lab - Rich tool package to interact with the EVM. Includes a VM, Etherchain API, and a trace-viewer.
  • ethereum-graph-debugger - A graphical EVM debugger. Displays the entire program control flow graph.
  • Piet - Web application helping understand smart contract architectures. Offers graphical representation and inspection of smart contracts as well as a markdown documentation generator.
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