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Contracts should have a substantial and prolonged testing period - before substantial money is put at risk.

At minimum, you should:

  • Have a full test suite with 100% test coverage (or close to it)
  • Deploy on your own testnet
  • Deploy on the public testnet with substantial testing and bug bounties
  • Exhaustive testing should allow various players to interact with the contract at volume
  • Deploy on the mainnet in beta, with limits to the amount at risk
Automatic Deprecation

During testing, you can force an automatic deprecation by preventing any actions, after a certain time period. For example, an alpha contract may work for several weeks and then automatically shut down all actions, except for the final withdrawal.

modifier isActive() {
    require(block.number <= SOME_BLOCK_NUMBER);

function deposit() public isActive {
    // some code

function withdraw() public {
    // some code
Restrict amount of Ether per user/contract

In the early stages, you can restrict the amount of Ether for any user (or for the entire contract) - reducing the risk.

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