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Orchestrate SDK Documentation - v6.2.1

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Orchestrate Node.js Library

The Orchestrate library provides convenient access to the Orchestrate API from applications written in server-side JavaScript


SDK versions Orchestrate versions
master/HEAD Orchestrate main/HEAD
SDK v6.2.x Orchestrate v21.12.5 or higher
SDK v6.1.x Orchestrate v21.12.1 or higher
SDK v6.0.x Orchestrate v21.12.0 or higher
SDK v5.x.x Deprecated
SDK v4.1.x Orchestrate v21.1.5 or higher
SDK v4.0.x Orchestrate v21.1.0 or higher
SDK v3.1.1 Orchestrate v2.4 or higher
SDK v3.1.x Orchestrate v2.3 or higher
SDK v3.0.x Orchestrate v2.3-rcX
SDK v2.3.x Orchestrate v2.1 or higher
SDK v2.2.x Orchestrate v2.1 or higher
SDK v2.1.x Orchestrate v2.1 or higher
SDK v2.0.x Orchestrate v2.0
SDK v1.0.x or lower Orchestrate v1.0 or lower

Orchestrate documentation

For a global understanding of Orchestrate, not only this SDK, refer to the Orchestrate documentation.

Important requirement

The Orchestrate SDK requires Orchestrate to be installed.

Important: Orchestrate is only available for Orchestrate customers and ConsenSys partners.

Contact ConsenSys if you want to purchase Orchestrate or are interested in our partner program.

If you are already a partner or customer but we did not provide the credentials to access the Docker registry, send an email from your company email to orchestrate@consensys.net.

You can use this Quickstart only if you have received these credentials from ConsenSys to connect to the registry.

You cannot continue without the registry credentials.

Tip Try a free trial of Orchestrate with the Quorum Dev Quickstart.

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