ConsenSys Diligence Smart Contract Audits and Ethereum Blockchain Security

ConsenSys Diligence Portfolio


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Title Links Date
Aragon (Payroll App)   July 2019
Polymath (3.0)     May 2019
0x (ERC1155Proxy)   May 2019
iFunded (iEstate Security Token)     April 2019
Bounties Network     March 2019
ENS (Permanent Registrar)     March 2019
Uniswap (Exchange Protocol)     January 2019
0x (MultiAssetProxy)   December 2018
Aragon     November 2018
0x (Version 2)     September 2018
Brickblock     September 2018
Simple-multisig   September 2018
Meridio   September 2018
FOAM     August 2018
CENTRE (USDC token)   August 2018
Modular (Interactive Coin Offerings)     July 2018
TCR (Token-Curated Registry)   April 2018
Imbrex     March 2018
0x     August 2018
uPort   April 2017


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Title Links Speaker Venue
The Ether Wars: Exploits, counter-exploits and honeypots on Ethereum Bernhard Mueller & Daniel Luca DEFCON 27
August 2019
Democratic Improvement Proposals for decentralization projects (Improving EIP Process)       Shayan Eskandari IETF 105
July 2019
Security in EIP process   Martin Ortner Ethereum Core Devs
April 2019
Smart Contract Secure SDLC   Tom Lindeman Hi-Con
November 2018
Smart Contract Vulnerabilities: The Most Interesting Transactions On The Ethereum Blockchain   Jon Maurelian & Sarah Friend SecTor
October 2018
Ethereum the Hacker's Paradise   Daniel Luca Security Espresso
September 2018
Solidity Dapp Optimization   Gonçalo Sá DAPPCON
July 2018
Mythril: Symbolic Analysis of Contract Security Properties   Jon Maurelian EDCON
May 2018
Smart contract vulnerabilities   Sarah Friend & Jon Maurelian NorthSec
May 2018
Smashing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Fun and ACTUAL Profit       Bernhard Mueller HITB Security Conference
April 2018
A brief history of smart contract security   Jon Maurelian Empire Hacking
December 2017
BTC Relay   Joseph Chow DEVCON 1
November 2015


Title Venue Author(s) Date
Differentially testing soundness and precision of program analyzers ISSTA 2019
Valentin Wustholz & others July 2019
Semantic Fault Localization and Suspiciousness Ranking TACAS 2019
Valentin Wustholz & others April 2019
HARVEY: A Greybox Fuzzer for Smart Contracts
Valentin Wustholz & others May 2019
SoK: Transparent Dishonesty: front-running attacks on Blockchain Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts @ Financial Cryptography 19
Shayan Eskandari & others February 2019
Smashing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Fun and Real Profit HITB Security Conference
Bernhard Mueller April 2018
A first look at browser-based Cryptojacking Security & Privacy on the Blockchain (affiliated with Euro S&P)
Shayan Eskandari & others April 2018
On the feasibility of decentralized derivatives markets FC 2017: Financial Cryptography and Data Security
Shayan Eskandari & others April 2017
Real-world Deployability and Usability of Bitcoin Concordia University - MASc Thesis
Shayan Eskandari June 2016
A first look at the usability of bitcoin key management USEC 15 NDSS Workshop on Usable Security (USEC)
Shayan Eskandari & others February 2015

Panels and Workshops

Title Links Venue Date
Smashing Smart Contracts: Detecting and Exploiting Vulnerabilities in EVM bytecode Blockchain Village @ DEF CON 27
August 2019
Breaking smart contracts NorthSec
May 2019
Current State of Security Panel   DevCon IV
November 2018
How to Not Get Rekt: Processes and Tools for Smart Contract Secure SDLC DevCon IV
November 2018